I DIDN'T NOT GET IT! Is ApFS better than ZFS?

Simply put she “catches up”. Of course in the new and relatively “raw” ApFS there are not many functions that are in well-debugged ZFS. On the other hand the ApFS was created as a universal solution for the entire line of devices from Apple which should be compatible with all equipment have backward compatibility and work fine on both iWatch and Mac Pro. ZFS, on the other hand, places higher demands on hardware: for example it is recommended to use at least 8GB of RAM, which is why it is unlikely to be used on current versions of the iPhone. Therefore, ZFS is considered mainly as a solution for servers.

Thus, the new ApFS system will be more secure than HFS+ thanks to its built-in encryption technology, data protection in case of failures and a simplified data backup scheme.

Of course, we expected much more from ApFS, but such an implementation is already much better than HFS+. The file system is optimized for SSDs and will work perfectly on new devices from Apple. All this is a good reserve for the next 30 years.