Benefits of ApFS

  • Nanosecond accuracy of timestamps - this is very important for logging and clustering.
  • TRIM support - TRIM helps manage obsolete blocks. ApFS performs TRIM-operations asynchronously after saving metadata to stable media.
  • Copy-on-write metadata scheme - allows you to protect data in the event of a system crash. This makes APFS especially Flash Friendly (avoids P/E cycles wear)
  • Flexible native encryption - choose different encryption schemes for each ApFS volume, including multi-key encryption when using separate keys to encrypt the file and metadata.
  • Native SMB support: SMB (Server Message Block) technology outside the Apple ecosystem is used to exchange data across networks.
  • 64-bit inodes - ApFS supports more than 9 quintillion files on each volume.

The above functions (advantages) allow ApFS to establish parity with any modern file system.