Refund Policy

LSoft Technologies Inc. strives towards the latest technologies that expand the power and reach of PCs for its users.

Active@ products are developed with a strong commitment to quality and service. Should you find that our products have not met your requirements or have failed to perform as advertised, we would request that you follow some simple steps to request a refund.

  1. Refunds requests are accepted within 30 days from the date of purchase.

  2. An attempt to contact our Sales or Support team must have been made at some time prior to your refund request. Please see our Support links found on our web site. You should briefly (in 200 words or less) describe how the software was unable to perform it's advertised functions.

  3. Submit two refund forms. Our policy requires that an "Electronic Letter of Destruction" and the "Refund Form" forms be completed and emailed/faxed to us before any money are returned.

  • Active@ KillDisk Pro and Active@ Password Changer Pro are non-refundable products. You are strongly advised to use the FREE DEMO version of the software as a "proof of concept" prior to purchasing a software license.

  • Requests for refunds will not be accepted without completed "Electronic Letter of Destruction" and "Refund Return" forms.

  • Refunds are not provided on discounted orders such as product UPGRADES or in cases where the price has been discounted below the current List Price.