Active@ Boot Disk: KillDisk

The Active@ KillDisk tool of Active@ Boot Disk allows you to completely destroy all data on hard disks and floppy drives. This prevents any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders. It's a hard drive and partition eraser utility.

By using Active@ KillDisk you can also wipe out all unused space on existing drives, not touching existing data.

Active@ KillDisk conforms to the US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M. It supports 17 security standards from various countries such as:

Bruce Schneier's algorithm; Canadian OPS-II; DoD 5220.22 M; Gutmann's algorithm; German VSITR; HMG IS5 Baseline; HMG IS5 Enhanced; Navso P-5329-26 (RL); Navso P-5329-26 (MFM); NCSC-TG-025 Russian GOST p50739-95; US Army AR380-19; US Air Force 5020; One-pass zeros method; One-pass random characters method; User defined method (user's pattern and specified number of passes); User-defined number of passes (up to 99).

You can be sure that once you clean up with Active@ KillDisk, sensitive information is purged out forever.

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