How to burn Source Files & Folders directly to CD/DVD-ROM (by-passing ISO Image)?

  1. Make sure that that the Source is Files & Folders in the Create ISO image section. The BURN SRC button should be enabled in this case.

  2. Specify files and folders to be burned in the Base and Extra areas. See How to create a CD/DVD-ROM ISO Image for more details.

  3. Specify a Volume Label, File System type, and Bootable options.

  4. Choose a proper Burner (if you have more than one) and a burning speed to apply.

  5. Insert a blank CD/DVD-ROM into the CD/DVD-ROM drive and click the BURN SRC button.

  6. See the progress. To cancel ISO image burning, you can click the STOP button.

Burn ISO image

How to burn an ISO image file to CD/DVD/Blu-ray

  1. Click Burn ISO image toolbar button, or choose a related command

  2. Verify the path to the ISO image file to be burned, or select another ISO image file

  3. Choose a proper burning Target (if you have more than one burner), burning speed and other options

  4. Insert a blank CD/DVD/Blu-ray into the CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive and click the Burn button

  5. See the progress. Open Details if you want to see the burning log

  6. To cancel ISO image burning you can click the Cancel button