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How to automate the ISO image burning process. Automation of working with CD/DVD-ROM ISO files?



The software accepts the following command line parameters to automate ISO image burning process:



/ISO-FILE="full path"

A full path to the ISO image file to be burned/extracted or created.


Burn opened or created ISO image to a burner numbered 0 to 9 (if several burners installed). ISO must be opened or created first (/ISO-FILE or /CREATE-ISO must be specified)

/EXTRACT-ISO="full path"

A full path to a folder where ISO content will be extracted. ISO must be opened first (/ISO-FILE must be specified)

/CREATE-ISO="full path"

A full path for ISO image file to be created (and burned, if needed)

/IMPORT="full folder path"

A full path to a folder to be added to a newly created ISO image (/CREATE-ISO must be specified). All folder's files and subfolders will be added recursively.


The parameter tells burner to erase Read/Write (RW) media before burning ISO image


The parameter specifies a disc label for ISO being saved or burned


If command is successfully completed, program auto-exits. If errors detected - you will see error messages (no auto-exit)


Turn off the personal computer after command is complete


Specifies target burner to use. One is first detected (displayed in combo box)

iso file manager note

Note that only one command can be executed per run. Stored parameters (Extract/Source folders, file system, boot options, etc..) will be loaded and used for the command execution.

  • Parameters /ISO-FILE and /CREATE-ISO cannot be combined
  • Parameters /ISO-FILE and /IMPORT cannot be combined
  • Parameters /CREATE-FILE and /EXTRACT-ISO cannot be combined
  • Parameters /CREATE-FILE and /IMPORT must be used together


To burn the ISO image file [C:\Program Files\FreeDOS\fdbasecd.iso] automatically from the command line and exit the program after successful burning, run:

C:\ActiveISO>ActiveISO.exe /ISO-FILE="C:\Program Files\FreeDOS\fdbasecd.ISO"/BURN-ISO=0/EXIT-IF-OK

To burn Files and Folders directly (by-passing ISO file) automatically from the command line, run:

C:\ActiveISO>ActiveISO.exe /CREATE-ISO="c:\my images\image01.iso /IMPORT="c:\my files to burn" /BURN-ISO=0

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