Active@ DVD Eraser

Active@ DVD Eraser is an easy-to-use free software to erase Blu-ray, DVD-RW, DVD+RW or CD-RW media to clear the old data from the discs.

Two erasing methods are available:

  • Quick Erase — The disc's structures are changed on drive level so that a drive sees the disc as blank media.
  • Full Erase (Secure method) — The complete surface of the disc is over-written with a neutral pattern. The result is that all data is now cleared forever.

Automated erasing is also supported.

active dvd eraser

To erase a DVD or CD media

Step 1: Specify erasing options:

  • Perform full-erase — the device is initialized fully, takes a long time. In Quick mode (option is not selected), the device is erased quickly i.e., data is still on the media, just the File and Directory descriptor information is deleted.
  • Eject media — after erasing is complete, media is ejected.

Step 2: Insert a re-writable DVD or CD into the DVD-RW/CD-RW drive, verify Burner type (if you have several burners) and speed, and click the ERASE! button. See the progress. To cancel erasing you can close an application.

Automation of media erasing process

Software accepts command line parameters to automate media erasing process:

/ERASE — erase process starts automatically right after the program launch.

/FULL — perform full-erase — the device is initialized fully, takes a long time.

/EJECT — after erasing is complete, media is ejected.

/EXIT-IF-OK — if erasing is successfully completed, program auto-exits. If errors detected - you will see error messages on the dialog (no auto-exit).


To erase inserted media automatically with full-erase from command line and exit the program after successful completion, run:


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Download the utility and run it

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Active@ DVD Eraser software is free for distribution and commercial use.

Release Note: v.2 (Mar 20, 2017)
updates: minor improvements & bug fixes

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