Active@ Hard Disk Monitor. Screenshots

Active@ Disk Monitor 3.1

Active@ Disk Monitor 3.1
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Program Interface

The software has an easy to use user interface:
The top-left pane has Hard Disk Drives listed. You can view S.M.A.R.T attributes for the currently high-lighted HDD on the top-right pane. The bottom-left pane displays the overall status of the HDD's health. The current Hard Disk temperature is displayed in the bottom-centre pane with a temperature gage. Volumes located on a HDD are displayed on the bottom-right pane, as well as essential volume information.

active hard disk monitor interface

Context Menu

Allows turning monitoring of a HDD ON or OFF via the context menu:

active hard disk monitor Context Menu

Hard Disk System Information

Additional Hard Disk Drive system information is accessible on the Disk Info tab:

Hard Disk System Information

Scan Disk Procedure

The Scan Disk procedure allows you to detect bad blocks located on the drive:

Scan Disk Procedure


Depending on the Preferences, the application can be displayed in the System Tray as a colored icon or just display the current HDD temperature:

In application Preferences a user can specify custom settings for the program.

Poll Settings:

  • Frequency of status check
  • Startup parameters
  • What to show in the System Tray

Environment Settings:

  • Use Celsius or Fahrenheit for the temperature
  • Program Language and Style
  • Colors for temperature display

Notification Settings:

  • Select whether to use Popup and E-mail notifications when critical conditions exist
  • Where to send e-mail notifications when critical status is detected
  • SMTP server parameters for sending notification e-mails